Thursday, March 15, 2018

What Can I Do to Stop The Wyoming Grizzly Hunt?

** UPDATED MAY 26, 2018 **

If you are reading this post, you are well aware that Wyoming is planning to allow the trophy hunting of 24 treasured grizzly bears this fall. You are likely broken hearted, consumed with rage, overcome with sadness. Here is one thing you are not. Powerless. Even if you live outside of Wyoming or even outside of the United States you can still wield incredible power to stop this grisly hunt. We recommend you do these actions at least once or twice a week. Here's how:

1) Let Governor Mead know that you will NOT spend our tourism dollars in a state that will host a grizzly bear trophy hunt. Here's how to contact him on Facebook, Twitter, email, and phone. 

2) Let the Wyoming Office of Tourism know that you will vacation elsewhere unless and until the hunt is canceled. Here's how to contact them on Facebook, Twitter, email and phone.

3) Contact gateway community Cody, Wyoming and ask that they follow in the steps of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and demand a buffer zone. Here is the email and phone contact info as well as a script.

4) Change your profile picture on social media to make more people aware of the hunt. So many people love America's grizzly bears but do not realize that, this fall, once a bear leaves Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park, they could be shot and killed by a trophy hunter.

5) Amplify information about the hunt on social media. Please make sure to engage with our group and page on Facebook. The more you like, share and comment, the more Facebook will show our posts to others. Also, the more you share or invite others to join our group or like our page, the more we can raise awareness. Please retweet us on Twitter and re-gram us on Instagram. Please do the same with our non-profit partners. Grizzly Times, Wyoming Wildlife Advocates, Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club, Western Environmental Law Center and many others are actively sharing articles and information regarding the hunt. Look for the hashtag #NoGrizHunt. 

6) Sign and share the following petitions:

Sierra Club
One Protest
Endangered Species Coalition
Western Environmental Law Center
Defenders of Wildlife 
IDAHO Petition

7) Demand that Yellowstone National Park speak out against the Wyoming and Idaho trophy hunts. Here is how.

8) Consider submitting comments to the Wildlife Forum. Information HERE.

9) Tweet for Yellowstone's grizzly bears. HERE is the tweet sheet.

10) 73 Scientists Have Opposed the Wyoming Trophy Hunt. Share their letter on social media. The letter is HERE.

11) Write a personalized letter to the Governors of Wyoming and Idaho. Instructions and talking points HERE.

12) 107 wildlife photographers have signed a letter, asking the Governor of Wyoming to call off the hunt. Share their letter. HERE it is.


  1. There is no reason except to appeal to the NRA and trophy hunters. The vast majority of people oppose this slaughter. Public opinion needs to matter here. People from all over the world come to see and enjoy the grizzlies alive. This is a beautiful, self - aware animal and it is an atrocity that hunters are allowed to use them for their sick sport!

  2. Just leave all wildlife alone, they all belong! You are hurting the ecosystem, and the humane society, pkease educate, and read up on wildlfe, before we have nothing left to enjoy, which was provided for us here to enjoy! God made them a purpose here, for a reason! STOP THE GREED!✌

  3. Finished up all of these actions, many several times over. Will continue to tweet the tweet sheet.

  4. I have taken countless photos in the wild of these icons of the wild that if I would have had a gun they would have been killed. These bears have spent there lives with people in fairly close range talking pictures and admiring the beutiey of the wild. There's no sport in it at all because you could just stand along the road in a pair of shorts and no camo no cover scent and you wouldn't even have to be quiet. You may as well fence them in and start shooting. Stop this madness.

  5. I am absolut against shootimh for fun on Animals.
    There is absolut NO need to kill Grizzlys,
    or other Animals.

  6. Trophy Hunting is against all the good things ,what we can do for Animals.Never Kill for fun.

  7. I have a deep disdain towards trophy hunters and trappers,
    for they are barbaric, evil, and panderers to Satan!
    And until Wyoming (or any other "redneck" state for that matter)
    cancels the hunts forever and recognize ALL of our wildlife
    as Creator's majestic wonders for all to behold and revere sacred, I will no longer recognize Wyoming as the 44th state
    in the so-called "United States".
    Same things goes with Idaho (or IdaHELL as I call it)...
    Unless our wolves grizzlies, buffalo, and other sacred
    wildlife are left alone and rights of the indigenous peoples
    respected and honored, and the extreme bigotry towards
    those who come from the coastal states is done away with once
    and for all, I will also no longer recognize Idaho as the 43rd
    state, and I'll simply display the flag with fewer stars,
    OR invest into and display a flag of one of the indigenous nations (such as the Blackfeet Nation).
    The Euro-American government is no longer legitimate.
    And therefore, I only honor and recognize Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Red Crow, and other indigenous warriors as my TRUE leaders....Hoka Hey!!

  8. Thanks for bringing such attention to the ESA success story that these bears are. Recovering them to sustainable population and returning management authority to the state is no small feat! I’m happy to see the North American wildlife model take affect here and allow sustainable harvest of these animals. The increased dollars raised from the non refundable application and tag costs will help the G&F to better manage all wildlife throughout the state for everyone’s enjoyment!